About Us
“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”
— Richard James Molloy    


Firebrand Assembly Church is a multicultural church breaking through languages and barriers in the country. OUR DOORS ARE OPENED TO ALL.

Apostle Tonye and Pastor Ayo are the senior pastors of the church endowed with divers gifting from God. They have a unique ministry and are sorted for all over the world. They operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonder bringing deliverance to the people. They are also called to bring true discipleship back to the church in these last days where worldliness has eaten deep into the church system.

Pastor Ayo is a sound anointed preacher and teacher of the Gods word.

She is a women leader and a mentor to a lot for women her yearly women programme Excel Women Conference provide real leadership for the todays woman.

FIREBRAND ASSEMBLY CHURCH has a strong emphasis on intercession and discipleship.

They also are conveners of the Following:

Lovers For Life Fellowship.

Bringing couples together to strength their marriage Altars and vows.

Singles Sisters Summit.

A ministry to strengthen single ladies while they are waiting.


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